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Who is Econesia?

In Collaboration and being executive ownership of KENT in Indonesia, Echinacea powered by Enviu have a mission to reduce usage of Gallon’s in Bali and all over Indonesia. Active since 2019 in Jakarta, and Expanding to Bali with visions : Reduce single use plastic.

~ Rasa alami, Jernih & Tidak Berbau ~

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Why Econesia?

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Meet the water-purifier


What our customers say


Erlin, Kinoa Café

"We are very happy that we can serve healthy, mineral-rich and plastic-free water in our café now!"


Rijal, Hotal Manager

"The system works very well to reduce plastic. As we know plastic pollution is becoming a bigger issue. With the reverse osmosis system, we can serve mineral-rich, clean, and plastic-free water to our customers."

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